Our Story

     Our love for skating began in 2008, Oona was 4 and Gage was 6. We started in a weekly homeschool skating class at our local rink. We began competing as single skaters in 2012. The following year we also took lessons as a Pairs team and an Ice Dance team. We first competed as a Pairs team in 2015.  That year we made it to Eastern Sectionals, placing 6th at the Juvenile level. We decided after our 6th place finish that Ice Dance was a better fit for us, as we both love to dance.

  • Our first Ice Dance competition was in 2016 at the Intermediate level.

  • The following year (2017) we moved up to the Novice level. We placed 5th at the US Figure Skating Championships.

  • Our placement at US Figure Skating Championships qualified us to begin skating internationally in 2018, allowing us to represent Team USA in Germany at the Novice level. Later this year we moved up to the Junior level and represented the US in Lithuania and Armenia. That year at the 2019 US Figure Skating Championships and we were able to earn the pewter medal. 

  • We officially switched coaches to Inese Bucevica and Joel Dear in 2019. We represented Team USA again in Russia, Italy, and Germany. And later that year we placed 3rd at the 2020 US Figure Skating Championships!

  • This Placement qualified us for the 2020 Junior World Figure Skating Championships! We arrived home just in time before the lockdown began.

  • We were off ice for 4 months before rinks in New York reopened.

  • We were lucky to participate in 2 virtual competitions, winning the qualifier for US Nationals.

  • In December we shot our free dance with Jordan Cowan at Bryant Park, NYC. This video has since gone viral earning us many new fans which we are very grateful for!!!

  • We just ended our season with a second place finish at the US Figure Skating Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada!