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February Updates!

Hello, Oona here. We wanted to give everyone a few updates on what we're up to. We are going to try to give a monthly update on what's going on in our lives related to skating. Since Nationals, I've begun to strengthen my performance and dancing levels toward our next competition, hopefully in June! After we got home from Vegas we had to a bit of time off. We were supposed to get back to training Monday, but due to a big snow storm, we got 2 extra days off. While playing in the snow is fun I can't wait to get back on the ice to train and break in my new Jackson skates!

My turn! Gage here. It's been a little more than a week since we got home from our second place finish in Las Vegas, NV. We were very happy that this year's National competition took place seeing as the majority of the skating season was compromised. It was great to get on a plane again after so long, and be able to do some sightseeing after the competition! Right now we're training and preparing for the upcoming season! Our first competition, like Oona said, is tentatively scheduled for June. The theme for this year's Rhythm Dance is Blues/Funk/Disco/Jazz. Oona and I both love these styles and it brings us back to one of our favorite programs "Still got the Blues" by Gary Moore. We are both so excited to choreograph new material with our coaches, and can't wait to show you all!

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