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March Updates

Oona: The past month I have been training all my skating skills paying close attention to edges, turns, twizzles, and stroking. Even at a higher level, basic skills are vital as they are the foundation for all the “cool” stuff we get to do now. To keep my stamina up I’ve been doing a lot of running as well as working out with weights. We’ve started working on our rhythm dance, and are very excited for the final result! As we’ve mentioned Gage and I are big fans of the music for this rhythm dance so we’ve been having a lot of fun with this! We are currently still debating on the music for our free dance. We just launched our team Facebook page last night, and will be posting as regularly as we can! Click here to check it out!

Gage: This upcoming month hopefully has a few things in store for us! We will continue working hard on creating our two new programs! We’re super excited to get to choreograph a new rhythm dance as we’ve had the same one for the past two years! We’re looking forward to an upcoming show with Ice Theatre of New York scheduled for March 9th, further details will be provided in the next few days regarding time and location. As some of you know we did a Q&A on our Instagram last week, as this was a dry-run we do not plan on archiving it. However, we plan to do another (which will be archived) in the near future! We will be keeping in touch with our mailing list with any upcoming events such as this, which brings me to the next point that needs addressing. A few people who have subscribed, we know haven’t been receiving our emails due to some sort of error. We have sent a total of 4 emails to the list, if you have not received these please send us an email with your full name to and we will fix your email in our mailing list so you can stay updated! We would love our fan’s input so be on the lookout for a few polls for future plans in the next month 😉!

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