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Spring Updates

Updated: May 25, 2021

Hi all! This spring Oona and I have been busy. We would like to share some updates of our recent activities so far this season.

-In February we performed at beautiful Bryant Park in New York City for Ice Theatre of New York. This time we had a great turn-out;) The weather was warm and sunny, and we had a great skate. Thanks to all those who made it out to see us!

-The past few months have also brought us some interview opportunities! You can check them out here:’s interview - and Sue Hanson’s interview (see our team Facebook page) -

-This spring I(Gage) joined the Skating Club of New York Junior board. SCNY was founded in 1863 and is the second oldest figure skating club in the USA. Both Oona and I have been members of SCNY for over 10 years now. Wow!

-In April we trained with the professional dancer and choreographer, Serge Onik, to help us enhance the choreography of each specific section of the Rhythm Dance.

-This past month we participated in a video for Ice Theatre of New York - “Pivoting through the Pandemic” . We have had the privilege of working with Ice Theatre of New York for several years now, skating in many shows with them around the NYC area.

-As of now, we are still putting the finishing touches on both of our programs, and are very much looking forward to our first competition of the season! This competition will be the ‘Dallas Cannon Classic Dance Competition’ held in Allen, Texas from July 9th-11th!

Details here:

Thank you all so much for your support!

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